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Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers

Raised access flooring manufacturers have become very busy of late. Raised access floors, surfaces created above a subfloor in order to house wires, cables, air ducts and more below, have become a necessity for the modern office. New construction regularly incorporates raised access flooring into its designs, and retro-fitting older buildings is also booming.


Raised access flooring manufacturers offer a variety of styles and surfaces. From metal to vinyl to carpeting, a customer can choose what makes the most sense, both practically and aesthetically, for any given environment. An archive, for example, may require a surface such as steel, that does not retain dust, while a highly trafficked workspace may need carpeting for sound control and comfort.

Partnering with Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers

Raised access flooring manufacturers do not necessarily install their own products. Many are focused on the research and development aspect of raised access flooring. It is advisable to work with an independent contractor that has partnered with several raised access flooring manufacturers. This ensures the widest range of choices, and an unbiased opinion as to the quality of the materials in question.


Fieldmans has been working with leading raised access flooring manufacturers such as Tate and Kingspan for 20 years. The company makes quality and customer service its top priority, and has built lasting relationships with customers over the years. For more information, please call 0208 462 7100 or write to

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