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Wicanders Access Floors Covering

Wicanders Access Flooring  

Fieldmans offer many types of access flooring covering products, and among these are the Wicanders Access Floors, Wicwood and Wiccork access floors.


Fieldmans select the best quality flooring products for their customers that guarantees the best floor covering solutions in the marketplace.


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Wicanders Access Floors in cork, which comes from the south of Portugal, is harvested from the cork oak tree every nine years. This is the time it takes for these trees to produce the essential structure that provides our raw material with its unique properties, and makes it the best insulating material in the world.


Nowadays, Wicanders spans the entire world, combining the best that nature has to offer with the most innovative technology. The Wiccork flooring, along with the Wicwood flooring are the only flooring products in the world that are 3.2mm thick. 

  Wicanders Access Flooring


Wicanders Access Flooring

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